Juggling balls in your life: choose wisely

In today’s life, we seem to be juggling all the time. We might need to “juggle” between screens at work to keep up with all the information at a given time. Away from work, our attention moves from virtual conversations to face to face exchanges and we must keep everyone happy, very much like a skilled performer keeping several juggling balls in the air. Continue reading →

How to Juggle 3 Balls? Mastering the 3 Ball Cascade

As an old performance art, juggling can be traced back to more than four thousand years. Always interesting to watch, juggling balls often appears easy. However, as a beginner, you will experience less juggling and more falling balls. Nevertheless, with some practice and direction, you could be one of the best ball jugglers. While some people learn very fast, others take longer. Here is how to juggle 3 balls. Continue reading →

Starting of the Mano Juggling Blog

On this site, we are going to discuss choosing the right juggling props, talk about the correct juggling technique and we are going to make some of the popular juggling balls.

We will make juggling videos, tutorials and much other interesting stuff about juggling. Come and join us on our journey!